Writing in Cyber Space

Has the act of writing influence language change?

The act of writing has changed language. Writing give people away to escape from social situations, in regards to the age of the internet. Like stated by Seth Lerer’s TED presentation, writing makes language more easily accessible. Language through writing offers a cloak to hide behind. Writing is much more easier than facing conflict head on , face to face. In modern day society, people hide behind their computers, they put on a fake image of themselves. They are able to be more confident in the world of writing. But this fake world that many create will be their own downfall. 

Online dating- Writing has changed language when it comes to online dating. A person can say how they truly feel without the harsh consequence of potential face to face, word exchange of rejections

Cyber Abuse- Many older parents from previous generations might think that bullying can only be on the playground or at school. They are wrong. Cyber Bullying happens everyday. The words that are exchanged are hurtful and scaring. These actions are hidden behind the act of writing. 


What! What! FIDEL

Fidelity in Judaism is a core concept. FIDEL-faithful is very important in any marriage. It shows a trust and a bond between the two individuals. Although in the Jewish religion, when fidelity or rather infidelity involved a women it was difficult to convict. There were many excuses a women could use such as mistaking a man for her husband or not known the intimate details of the laws against adultery, before she committed the crime. These are excuses that should not be viable because they ruin the sanctity of marriage. FIDEL- faithfulness is what marriage is based around. Without it , the marriage is not a true expression of love and commitment.

In modern day society , more than half of all people who get married get divorced. This is an uneasy though because many of these individuals made a commitment in front of their friends and family to love and to “have and  hold” through many situations such as “richer or poor”/ “sickness or in health” until death do you part. These vows are usually broken because of infidelity. This is a grim outlook on marriage but unless society changes its actions and way of thinking, infidelity will continue. Thus destroying marriage.


With His Words

Words can mean anything! Words are the reason that we can communicate and express ourselves. Many express themselves through poems or songs. Other people may not be as verbal but that does not mean that they do not have feelings. They just make words more powerful when they do express their feelings. An example that relates back to my life are the words that my boyfriend says. Meeting him you would never think he is a romantic. He is one of those guys who would rather go play Xbox then talk about feelings then communicate through words. He is not much of a talker, more of the shy quite guy. But this makes it all the more important to listen when he does have something to say. 

He makes a great impact with his words…

With his words ,he was able to give me true happiness and joy

With his words , he changed my perspective on life

With his words, he asked me to marry him.

With my words , I am proud to call him my FianceImage


Nah Nah Love !

There are so many things that can be associated with love. As Nicole Lo. suggested Love can be interpreted in many different ways. The meaningfulness of the English language allows us to communicate and control the way we can show love. Love is all around the english language. Most words can directly link back to love.  

1) Bio- which means life

What is life without love. There will be no excitement in life without love. 

2) Cosm- which means universe 

The cosmos are the universe. The universe is the connection between life and the earth itself.

3)inter- which mean between

Inter can mean many things. It can be put into inter-racial, inter-marriage, inter-mix. Inter can be the love the is in between. 

4)bi- which means two

“It takes two to tango” . Bi is needed to have bicycle. A Tandem Bicycle is meant to ride two people



China’s air defense zone: What you need to know

Whats the 411 on the dispute for the East China Sea

Global Public Square

GPS speaks with International Crisis Group analyst Yanmei Xie about recent tensions in East Asia, China’s air defense identification zone, and what it means for U.S. ties with Beijing.

What exactly is the air defense identification zone that China has announced?

The air defense identification zone, announced last month, covers a set of islands – called Diaoyu by China and Senkaku by Japan – whose sovereignty is hotly disputed by the two countries. Beijing has demanded that from now on, aircraft entering the zone have to report their flight plans, maintain communication and show identification, or “China’s armed forces will adopt defensive emergency measures to respond.”

What’s behind the move?

Challenged at sea, Beijing could be hoping to assert greater control over the contested islands by unilaterally establishing administrative rights over the airspace above them. It has already been eroding Japan’s administration of the disputed waters by regularly dispatching…

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Hiding behind the world

Introverts are often look down upon. Introverts are usually overlooked. They are more seen as wallflowers. Introverts are seen as quiet, cold, and shy. None of these things should be true. Introverts are more independent. They are able to function by themselves. They are their own self sufficient country. Introverts are able to handle being by themselves , they do not long from emotional attachment the same way that extroverts do. This is again independence. Introverts are usually not the type of people who follow the crowd they follow there own beat. They do not need to be flashy or be the center of attention. People who are the center of attention sometimes miss the world around them. The world of beauty and books that introverts are able to explore because of there alone time. The world values extroverts because they are charming and assertive. They are seen to be great leaders. They can become presidents and CEOs. No one suspects the introvert to be a good leader. Introverts can be all that extroverts can be and more.