Meaningful Words

Words have a great impact on our lives. Words effect how we communicate to one another. Words are the bases of modern society. They affect every aspect of our lives. Words are there to label product so that we know that rat poison is not the same as jellybeans. Words help communicate between individuals in society. Words express feeling in conversations, poems, art, songs and much more. They offer a way to express our inner thoughts and for others to understand them. Words no matter the language they are spoken in offer a sense of culture. What may mean one thing in one culture could translate into another totally different definition. For example in English (bi) usually means two. It can be (bi)partisan, (bi)sexual, (bi)cyclist and many more but in Khmer bi means rice. Sounds are nothing unless meaning is given to them. Meaning give words a purpose. Every word in every language is beautiful. Each word offers meaning. Words affect the way we feel. The words ”No” and “Yes” are far apart, when it comes to meaning but they are close when it come to the weight that they carry. If a women or man is ever put in an uncomfortable situation the words yes and no are lifesaving. They also can carry emotional weight.  For example, when a man/women asks another man/women to marry them, the words yes and no have a big impact on the person emotional, physically and finically. In certain situations, words can make a bigger impact then some actions.


3 thoughts on “Meaningful Words

  1. I agree completely; the expression “Words may never hurt me” is false because words can deliver emotional impact. There are people who have fallen into depression because of mere words; it’s disheartening but shows how powerful words can be.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree when you say that words impact our lives and I am a firm believer that words are the most powerful weapon in our possession. Also that they are stronger than we give them credit for.

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