The SAT’s in my option are not a good measurement of a persons ability to function on a collegiate level. The SAT’s are usually taken after months of intense preparation, which usually involve memorization of a definition but not the ability to confidently use said word in a sentence. In regards to the SAT involving international students, the standardized testing system should be adjusted to accommodate second language speakers. As a language, English is a very difficult one to master. There are a number of words in the English language that are homonym. Homonyms are when words with the same spelling have different meanings. An example would be tear. One meaning would be to have a “tear”, which would be caused by emotional feelings leading to crying. Another meaning is to “tear”, which is when a person rips up an object, most likely a paper substance. Another example would be pound. Pound could mean a unit of currency, a place of abandoned animals, a weight, and a strong force making contact. The reason that I think the SAT’s should accommodate international and English as a second language speakers is because English itself is very difficult and native English speakers have a difficulty mastering the language when they have 17-18 years of knowledge, while many foreign students only have a few months to a few years to prepare. Many who speak the native language of English have difficulties scoring high marks. English and ESL students are expected to know words that are not commonly used in the English vocabulary of an average American while under time constraints. Overall I think that there needs to be another option for college entrance besides a unified test that does not adjust to particular situations. 


3 thoughts on “The SAT

  1. The Man In The Black Hat says:

    The SAT…..Well i have meany deep and unrelenting feelings about this great test the makes you either hate your life or love it. In my case my life was changed for ever.

  2. KATE says:

    As a high school student, I agree with this post. I feel that the government/ private institutions are more interested with keeping up quotas then with the people they accept.

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