What is MAL-?

The base mal- is one that is very widely used. Mal- is defined as bad. It is an important part of society’s everyday life. Mal- is mostly used in the negative sense. It can be used in law in the context of (mal)practice suits. Malpractice would be defined as the improper treatment of a patient in a medical setting. Malpractice is a very important word for many people in the medical and law industry. Malpractice could mean that someone was wrongfully treated. This could lead to someone being physically impaired for the rest of his or her lives or even death. Another effect of malpractice is the lost of a hospital due to a malpractice suit. The lost of a hospital could lead to longer ER wait time and overcrowding. So the word Malpractice overall has a massive effect on the people it effects. The base Mal- holds so much strength in just three letters. mal- can turn a delightful situation into horror and pain. For example, a puppy can be treated with care and be well nourished but once mal- comes into the picture, nourished becomes malnourished. The addition of mal- become effective and destroys the once happy situation. Mal- can however be seen as humorous when thinking about the word male. Through the eyes of a women’s the word male and the meaning of the opposite sex is humorous because men are seen as “bad”. They are seen as the risk takers and the leaders of rebellion. Mal- is strong word because it has the ability to change words from being positive to negative.


3 thoughts on “What is MAL-?

  1. I agree that the base mal can be very compeling through all of its uses. Though as you not many of its uses are negative, its to job somebody has to take. Just as a fun bit of trivia I noticed the other day. In the film inception one of the leading antagonists in the movie is named mal. This is due to how the main protagonist feels towards her. I’ll leave it at that in case you haven’t seen the movie great post!

  2. Sylvia says:

    OMG! I sitting eating my salad and drinking my Starbucks and my eyes where locked to my phone because of this post you bring up such an amazing point that i would have never thought about!

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