So, here I am at Hofstra, and I am blogging…..


I am certainly not the a strong writer and I hope to improve in the near future. I can honestly say that I am a little nervous about writing a blog. First, it is very public. Not only can my classmates see this but so can the whole world. That gives me a little anxiety. Second, I am very fearful that my writing will not match up to my peers. Yes, I do know that this is not a competitive  It is for expression but I feel that everyone is competitive because it is our primal side coming out. In my little world at hofstra there are so many things to blog about. I have great friends and a great community. I am currently in greek life ,an alpha theta beta sister. I am enjoying it very much. Being a hofstra student has many great advantages such as fall festival. Durning fall festival, my sorority AOB teamed up with PIKE to build a Jurassic Park themed float from recycled materials and even had a working moveable dinosaur. This year many acts such as Kesha and Sugar Ray made an appearance.   


5 thoughts on “So, here I am at Hofstra, and I am blogging…..

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your writing will match up to your peers! like you said blogs aren’t competitive and certainly your life is full of excitement. Keep up the good work.

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