Cutting it out

Many words in society today are just cut off. This might be because it rolls of the tongue easier or people are just getting lazier. A back formation is cutting out the suffix of a word for instance donates from donation. Is the word donation to formal? Is that why we cut the word to donate? Even in formal education, the word transcript is used instead of transcription. Both have the same meaning, which is a student’s academic record. Back formation is also very popular in pop culture. An example would be Mr. Self Destruct by Nine inch Nails. Instead of it being Mr. Self Destruction it is shortened, this may be because it is simpler to sing and it is easier to rhyme with. Aphaeresis is another type of word that has been cut. Aphaeresis is when a letter or syllable is removed from the front of the word. An example would be about and ’bout. A typical saying is “It’s ’bout time”. The shortening of the words can be because too much emotion can be used to say the word and it is quicker to say ‘bout then about. The final example of a word being cut off is a aphesis which is when an unaccented syllable is cut from the front of the word. An example would be esquire and squire. In the novel, Don Quixote called on his “squire” Sancho Panza, to aid him in his quest. The reason it may be cut shorter is because it is simpler to call a person a squire because the s-sound and the qu-sound roll off the tongue easier than the es-sound and qu- sound.Image


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