How we analyse meaning?

Language is a network of systematic relationships between units of meaning. Many words can be composed of one unit of word for example walk, walking, and walked all have different meanings but all consist of the word WALK. The term word is useless for the study of idioms. For example the phrase KICKING THE BUCKET does not literally mean what society takes it to mean which is death. The base of the english language is on the concept of lexemes being organized into different fields. Vocabulary can be divided into six main areas.abstract relations, space, matter, intellect, volition and affection. Lexemes are a system that groups words that are in the same area of study unlike the dictionary which groups alphabetically, lexemes are more suitable in finding a word according to its context. Collocation is the act of using particular words together. This act directly correlates with the use of lexemes. Collocation differ from language to language. Each having different phrases for different things. Words also share relationships, an example would be a synonymy , which is the relationship between words that have meanings that are alike. Another relationship is a hyponymy, which is a grouping of related objects that equal the value of another object. For example a rose is a hyponym of a flower. Finally the last sense relationship is a antonymy, which is the opposite of a word. For example the antonym of nice is mean.


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