How we mean?

Language is used to convey meaning.  Although language can be used for deception. One would will have multiple meanings. Unlike many other languages  , English occasionally offers two or more meanings per a word. An example would be “mean”. First mean could be defined as to act as a symbol of. An example would be “In this article, the color red means anger”. Another definition of mean could be acting in a selfish way towards a person. An example would be “Shelly pushed Jane down the stairs. Why is Shelly acting so mean?”. The is also a very prevalent connection between words and sounds. Although not many words in English convey the sounds the action is making. Another way English is different from other languages is that english does not have words to describe carefully different relationships between family members. Other languages such as chinese and spanish have words for mother’s sister and father’s sister. Overall many english words do not correlate with other languages. Experiences also do not define words, however they are more productive than references. The best way to understand a word is to experience it and put the word into context.


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