How we learn vocabulary ? and How children learn to mean?

When learning new words, Adults tend to associate those words with previous words they already know such as associating sponsorship with donation and grant but adults go further, they associate other characteristics with new words. An example would be cows: Cows go moo, give milk, live on a farm, are big. Expanding your vocabulary expands a persons’ precision  when describing a certain item or event. Dictionaries  are important in every adults life because they offer assistance in making decisions involving what words to use. Synonyms are very difficult to use because no two words have the exact same meaning thus it is important to choice a person’s words carefully. Antonyms also have many issues. Yes there are complete opposites such as being single v. being married, big and small, light and dark but most words do not have an antonyms such as Tuesday or furniture. 

Children learn from what is around them such as the people around them, food, toys, and body parts. Since children do not yet understand the complexity of words yet, they can use the words they know as guidelines. An example would be for a ball a child might call it a moon because of its round shape. Children will also not realize the difference between names and items. An example would be if a child did not know that their dogs name was not dog and other families had pets that were also called dogs. of course children are young and still developing so they will mix up words and sentence structures. When thinking about the formation of sentences and language is a whole , Language is very broad and complex.


One thought on “How we learn vocabulary ? and How children learn to mean?

  1. I like how you focused this post on the way we actually come to a definition of a word, namely by categorizing it into different characteristics. Children definitely learn their words very quickly, and start to categorize them immediately, often over generalizing them. What makes me wonder is do you think we should encourage adults to use dictionaries to make a decision on the definition of a word if you think that antonyms and synonyms are never exact?

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