Hiding behind the world

Introverts are often look down upon. Introverts are usually overlooked. They are more seen as wallflowers. Introverts are seen as quiet, cold, and shy. None of these things should be true. Introverts are more independent. They are able to function by themselves. They are their own self sufficient country. Introverts are able to handle being by themselves , they do not long from emotional attachment the same way that extroverts do. This is again independence. Introverts are usually not the type of people who follow the crowd they follow there own beat. They do not need to be flashy or be the center of attention. People who are the center of attention sometimes miss the world around them. The world of beauty and books that introverts are able to explore because of there alone time. The world values extroverts because they are charming and assertive. They are seen to be great leaders. They can become presidents and CEOs. No one suspects the introvert to be a good leader. Introverts can be all that extroverts can be and more.


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