Nah Nah Love !

There are so many things that can be associated with love. As Nicole Lo. suggested Love can be interpreted in many different ways. The meaningfulness of the English language allows us to communicate and control the way we can show love. Love is all around the english language. Most words can directly link back to love.  

1) Bio- which means life

What is life without love. There will be no excitement in life without love. 

2) Cosm- which means universe 

The cosmos are the universe. The universe is the connection between life and the earth itself.

3)inter- which mean between

Inter can mean many things. It can be put into inter-racial, inter-marriage, inter-mix. Inter can be the love the is in between. 

4)bi- which means two

“It takes two to tango” . Bi is needed to have bicycle. A Tandem Bicycle is meant to ride two people