What! What! FIDEL

Fidelity in Judaism is a core concept. FIDEL-faithful is very important in any marriage. It shows a trust and a bond between the two individuals. Although in the Jewish religion, when fidelity or rather infidelity involved a women it was difficult to convict. There were many excuses a women could use such as mistaking a man for her husband or not known the intimate details of the laws against adultery, before she committed the crime. These are excuses that should not be viable because they ruin the sanctity of marriage. FIDEL- faithfulness is what marriage is based around. Without it , the marriage is not a true expression of love and commitment.

In modern day society , more than half of all people who get married get divorced. This is an uneasy though because many of these individuals made a commitment in front of their friends and family to love and to “have and  hold” through many situations such as “richer or poor”/ “sickness or in health” until death do you part. These vows are usually broken because of infidelity. This is a grim outlook on marriage but unless society changes its actions and way of thinking, infidelity will continue. Thus destroying marriage.