With His Words

Words can mean anything! Words are the reason that we can communicate and express ourselves. Many express themselves through poems or songs. Other people may not be as verbal but that does not mean that they do not have feelings. They just make words more powerful when they do express their feelings. An example that relates back to my life are the words that my boyfriend says. Meeting him you would never think he is a romantic. He is one of those guys who would rather go play Xbox then talk about feelings then communicate through words. He is not much of a talker, more of the shy quite guy. But this makes it all the more important to listen when he does have something to say. 

He makes a great impact with his words…

With his words ,he was able to give me true happiness and joy

With his words , he changed my perspective on life

With his words, he asked me to marry him.

With my words , I am proud to call him my FianceImage