Writing in Cyber Space

Has the act of writing influence language change?

The act of writing has changed language. Writing give people away to escape from social situations, in regards to the age of the internet. Like stated by Seth Lerer’s TED presentation, writing makes language more easily accessible. Language through writing offers a cloak to hide behind. Writing is much more easier than facing conflict head on , face to face. In modern day society, people hide behind their computers, they put on a fake image of themselves. They are able to be more confident in the world of writing. But this fake world that many create will be their own downfall. 

Online dating- Writing has changed language when it comes to online dating. A person can say how they truly feel without the harsh consequence of potential face to face, word exchange of rejections

Cyber Abuse- Many older parents from previous generations might think that bullying can only be on the playground or at school. They are wrong. Cyber Bullying happens everyday. The words that are exchanged are hurtful and scaring. These actions are hidden behind the act of writing.